The Charm Handbook

By Matthew Case

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I still remember, there were two kids named Ryan and Antonio who were amazing at it, from a really young age.

We grew up together, and every conversation I saw them have with a girl was FUN,


They clearly had it, and I clearly WANTED IT.

So I went to work on my bantering/flirting skills, religiously.

For almost 4 years now.

And I can proudly say to you today - I’m pretty fucking awesome at it now.

I actually consider myself the best at it in the world, and other dating coaches/gurus have said the same.

It’s ok :-)

Every girl I talk to now, we have that fun, playful, teasing, challenging vibe.

I walk away feeling awesome in my ability to generate that shit, and she leaves like, ‘Damn… that guy was different, fun, exciting, unpredictable…I want some more of that.”

Want to know how do that too?

Then let’s get it rolling, right now.

What you’ll find inside is a massive list of most of my favorite flirting techniques.

These techniques when used correctly will create that playful, challenging, unpredictable vibe all women find so attractive, exciting and intriguing.

If you’ve never used anything like these inside, you’ll quickly find that a large part of how they go depend on your delivery.

Like any good comedian, facial expressions/timing/tone play a major role in how they go.

Play around with different styles until you find the one that works best for you.

And dear god, don’t try and remember or use all of these at the same time.

Pick one that you like, and set a positively powerful intention to use it in every interaction for a week.

Your brain will get it down right, internalize and then you’re freed up to add another one into

the repertoire.

Let’s begin.

I Just Want To Personally Thank You For Taking A Huge Step In Your Life

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Matthew Case
Matthew Case
America's #1 Stratetgical Dating Coach

About the instructor

Matthew Case is known as America’s Strategical Dating Coach and the author of the #1 International best-seller, Cheat Your Way Into Her Panties. Based in New York, his private clients include Brooklyn celebrities, millionaire entrepreneurs and Silicon-funded CEO’s. His digital teachings and trainings have changed the lives of 62,000 men in 115 countries already (and counting) too. 

A tricky asshole with purpose, Matthew has committed his life to helping transform 1,000,000 deserving badass men worldwide into the most dominant, attractive, unstoppably Seductive versions of themselves possible, so they too live carefree and get what they want, however they want, when they want and with who they want.

He’s been featured by the media on 3 of 6 livable continents and is routinely referred to as “as the most Strategical dating coach in the world” and “the new Julius Caesar for men”.  He loves super food green smoothie, reading books by or about great men in society, raging in night clubs, self-investing, and the greatness of female psychology.

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